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So i randomly remembered that someone once told me that,
"If you kiss someone with your eyes open, you don’t love the person-"

And, i am honestly confused.
What does that have to do with anything?

And honestly, i am madly in love with this girl at the moment.
She kissed me once (okay, well, more than once), and i had my eyes
open, okay? My eyes were wide open, not the slightest closed.

And i fucking loved it anyway.
I just feel way more comfortable to kiss someone with my eyes open.

'Cause i want to remember the moment, i want to be able to think back to the person, the settings, and cherish that memory.
But i can’t, i can’t remember if i close my eyes. I can’t see the person i am kissing, and i can’t see if the feeling is mutual.

I honestly rather want to look deeply into the eyes of the person i love, when i kiss him or her.

So what’s with all that, “you can’t love someone if you kiss hem with your eyes open.”, and that i “don’t know anything about love”
I really don’t get it.

Personally, if someone ever were to kiss me, i would want them to have their eyes open. I would want to send mute confessions of love through my eyes, to my lover.

So, even if you think differently about this than i do,
i will not accept to hear that, i “don’t know how love works,”
'cause maybe you don't either.

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